What Is Apache NiFi?

Apache NiFi is “an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data.” In simpler terms, NiFi is a system for moving, filtering, and enhancing data with point source security and a nice UI wrapper.

NiFi (formerly Niagarafiles) was developed at the National Security Agency (NSA) and donated to the Apache Software Foundation in November 2014. Unlike other Apache tools, this background means that NiFi was already production hardened in a high volume, security sensitive environment long before ever becoming available to the public.

“We took a project with more than eight years of development in a closed source environment and transitioned it to a very open and collaborative space,” said Joe Witt, vice president of Apache NiFi. “How easy that transition was speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the Incubator process and the community around Apache in general.” -Forbes

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