Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Tool

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Tool

An integrated solution for manufacturers of complex products to generating accurate quotes and take orders for technical, highly configurable products with multiple options. SSG has a CPQ solution that is designed to be easily adapted to the specifics of your product quoting needs at any point along the spectrum. It’s just waiting to have your specific business rules plugged in. SSGs CPQ solution is built using the latest open source technologies. This provides flexibility and cost savings. SSG has remained on the cutting edge of open source software frameworks that help to solve complex problems without costly software purchases. By doing this, you can spend your money getting a system to work exactly how you need it to work instead of trying to make your processes fit a packaged solution.

  • Some business solutions are so specialized that using a generalized Configuration, Price, and Quote (CPQ) system will not work without extensive and costly customization
  • If your product configuration has a lot of inter-dependencies, the selection of a particular option drives multiple changes to other components, or uses dynamic pricing based on configuration choices, then you may find the need for a custom solution
  • If you are looking for a lighter weight alternative to a full blown CPQ solution that is able to integrate with your existing infrastructure
  • Robust rules engine, configure-to-demand and make-to-order
  • Bill of Materials and auto order / proposal generation
  • Assist CRM with pricing and option recommendations

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Oracle Gold Partner

With our billing expertise and deep understanding of Oracle BRM, we wanted to provide a powerful billing system with a secure environment to any company that has complex billing rules and needs to quickly roll out new product offerings. SSG manages your billing platform using Oracle BRM which provides a predictability monthly cost and hosted in Century Link’s cloud. Century Link provides one of the most secure environments and exceeds typical security standards and is PCI compliant.