A jump start kit for building a data mart from a BRM database. SSG developed BRMmart as an “accelerator” for creating a robust decision-support environment for companies using Oracle BRM. BRMmart out-of-the-box provides approximately 70% of the robust decision-support capability required by most clients. This out-of-the-box decision-support capability allows clients to:

  • Easily store, extract, and maintain operational data used to report corporate “health” – financial, product, sales, and customer data.
  • Reformat and effectively aggregate financial, product, sales, and customer data
  • Quickly understand the effectiveness of sales campaigns, sales force, and general subscriber activities through historical product purchasing analysis
  • Allow analysts to understand how revenue is being generated, as well as understand how much revenue is being generated
  • Go beyond simple revenue reporting by analyzing revenue history based upon user driven criteria (i.e., region, sales campaign, product, etc.)
  • Better understand bandwidth usage characteristics of various customer segments, markets, and other related areas through a Bandwidth Usage capability
  • Leverage existing resources already within their organization by not having to train them on new tools and technologies

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