BRM Expert Training

BRM Expert Training

A multi-week, hands-on course for architects and developers to dig deep into all the functional components of Oracle BRM.

This training includes:

BRM Course Introduction

  • A brief overview of how the course will be conducted and the topics covered

BRM Overview

  • A high-level overview of the capabilities of BRM 7.5
  • All the elements discussed in this course at a high level are also covered at a detailed level in future lessons

Setting up your BRM Virtual Environment

  • Familiarizes the trainees with their own personal BRM database and instance
  • Content will change based on whether the client chooses to use SSG prepared virtual machine running on each trainee’s laptop, or another physical unix server (solaris or linux) hosted at the customer’s site
  • We prefer to use the VM option, as the trainee can have root access to the linux box and SYSDBA access to their database
  • With the VM option, the trainee has access to a fully working BRM instance after the class has been completed for use in their day-to-day job (research, development, etc.)

Typical BRM Account Lifestyle

  • Introduces the trainee to some BRM concepts in an account-centric fashion

BRM Object Relational Model

  • Details on the BRM object model and how it correlates to the data stored in the Oracle Database
  • A fundamental concept that will allow the trainee to locate data for any BRM object within the BRM Database
  • Trainees will use the Developer Center application to view the BRM Object Model and create new BRM Objects with associated database tables and columns

Introduction to BRM API

  • Learn how BRM internally represents Storable Objects and how BRM Op-Codes are invoked via structures known as FLists

BRM Back End Implementation

  • Detail on the BRM processes that run on the server to implement the 4 tier BRM architecture
  • Detail on the different configuration files that BRM uses to dictate its behavior

BRM Pricing

  • 2 sub-lessons: a) Real-Time Pricing and b) Pipeline Discount and Charge Share pricing
  • Detail on configuration of pricing in BRM
  • Learn about and implement some of the most commonly used pricing use cases
  • The Pricing Center is used by the trainees to configure products, deals, plans, discounts, and charge share pricing elements, and then run tests on accounts to observe the results of the rating that occurs based on the configured pricing

BRM Rating

  • Learn the mechanics and flow of the BRM rating process
  • Learn how to use the Universal Event Loader to load usage data gathered from external systems into the BRM system for the purpose of charging customers based on usage

BRM Billing

  • Detail on the BRM Billing process
  • Focus is on the processing that is conducted when an account’s Billing Day of Month is reached in a given billing cycle

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

  • Detail on the BRM Invoicing Process, as well as the AR functionality (payments, write-offs, adjustments) included in the BRM system

BRM General Ledger Reporting

  • Detail on the BRM General Ledger reporting process for extracting GL information to an external GL system
  • Learn how the BRM system is configured to assign the correct GL account information to balance impacts such that the GL reports correctly map to the GL accounts in the GL system
  • Detail on BRM support for multiple currencies and localization

BRM Provisioning and Taxation

  • Detail on the BRM Provisioning architecture and general capabilities, as well as the BRM Taxation process
  • Options for implementing taxation in BRM are discussed
  • Understanding the BRM Provisioning Architecture
  • Understanding the BRM Taxation process
  • Understanding BRM options for implementing Taxation

BRM Service Integration Components (SIC) and Maintenance

  • Understand how Oracle AIA may be used to integrate your BRM system with other Oracle enterprise applications.
  • Understand best practices for BRM Monitoring and deciphering error logs
  • Understanding how BRM implements archiving of data based on data retention policies

BRM Customization

  • This lesson goes into detail on BRM customization options, and best practices for doing so

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