BRM 101 Training

BRM 101 Training

An overview of the Oracle BRM System Architecture and Functional Components such as Pricing, Provisioning, Charging, Customer Center, Payment Processing, G/L Reporting, Bill Presentment, and Taxation.

Participants in SSG’s training can expect to gain an understanding of the out-of-the-box BRM capabilities, as well as learn how to customize the software in order to fulfill unique business needs. The course is designed to provide a solid BRM knowledge base that enables business analysts, project managers and technical team members to perform routine BRM-related operations and enhancements.

“You might be surprised that SSG would be so willing to educate clients on how to perform the kind of work they hire us for,” CEO Steve Steinheimer said.

“We are a different kind of consulting company,” Steinheimer said. “We want give our clients a foundation that allows them to perform as efficiently and successfully as possible, even if it means setting them up to work independently of any consulting company, including our own.”

SSG’s training course is a sequence of modules, each covering a key BRM topic. Developers designed the course with a progressive training environment in mind so that participants can build knowledge and capabilities from lesson to lesson. SSG’s BRM training includes personally taught modules, hands-on exercises and Q&A sessions that can be delivered to clients on-site or remotely via the web for decentralized workforces.

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