SSG Wins Two Prestigious Oracle Awards

SSG Wins Two Prestigious Oracle Awards

SSG Limited, Billing and Revenue Management Specialists, Billing and Revenue Management Experts, Oracle BRM experts, Oracle BRM
Carl DeCosta – VP Oracle Global Alliance and Channel Sales
Meagan Chaddick, President
Steve Steinheimer, CEO
Luis Pajares, Group VP of Oracle Communications
2017 Oracle Industry Connection

With all of the excitement surrounding the NCAA tournament, I started to ponder what would it be like if I got to celebrate like a champion for one day? What if I was Tom Brady and just won my fifth Super Bowl, and in typical Brady style a comeback win from behind? I would stay out late with all my teammates, coaches, mentors, and party like tomorrow would never come.

SSG Limited Wins Prestigious Awards From Oracle
Meagan Chaddick, President SSG
Bob Weiler, EVP of Oracle’s Global Business Units
Customer Appreciation Event

Finally, I would be able to say I have achieved the highest level of success in my profession. With my prized possession, the trophy, I would be able to relish like a true champion.

Last week SSG Limited attended Oracle Industry Connect, a smaller more focused version of Oracle Open World. It is a great place to network with peers and customers. Overall it’s an awesome event, and to make the event even sweeter, we were presented with not one, but two awards!

The first award SSG Limited received was the highest recognition for Oracle Billing and Revenue Management, the Global BRM Specialization award. The second award we received was the Solutions Business Excellence award for our managed cloud Oracle BRM offering.

When we received the awards our names were called from a podium where we were congratulated by the Oracle Executive team as flash photography captured the moment and, most importantly, we were recognized in front of and by our peers.

In that moment, I decided that we were going to celebrate like champions, just like Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl, or the Chicago Cubs and their historic World Series win. This was our WIN and by no means was I going to allow those gorgeous awards to go back into a box to be shipped home, so we celebrated! We took the awards everywhere, even to Disney World, and we captured the moment.

Great teams do great things together. What I have learned is that when you are recognized, no matter if it’s an award or Super Bowl trophy, celebrate and celebrate BIG! People love the heart of a champion, and I am excited that I was able to celebrate one night with a group of champions!

Written By:
Meagan Chaddick
President, SSG Limited


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  1. Congratulations Sleddog and the entire SSG team, including the world’s greatest son-in-law, David Enwere!

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