Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Sitting is the new smoking of our generation. As you can imagine, we SSGers experience a lot of that sedentary lifestyle. Hey, we’re technology consultants! If we aren’t hunkered down at our desks and solving hard problems behind a computer screen, we’re settled in an airplane seat (still behind a computer screen) on the way to see our clients.

So are you surprised we made the news because we walk so much?

Because parking our posteriors in office chairs is more or less part of our job descriptions, we decided to implement a wellness plan focused around mobility. We use Fitbits, wrist-worn health trackers that allow us to make fitness part of our daily routines. The devices track steps, water and calorie intake, weight, active minutes, sleeping patterns and more.

And because SSGers are, well, really competitive, we use our Fitbit community group to motivate each other and see our collective progress. We take walks together. We use the mobile app to see our leaderboard positions on the GetFit SSG community. And we might run a few laps around the kitchen counter just to pass somebody up on the step count. Sometimes.

Overall, we are moving more than ever. And seeing as I’ve spent a good 45 minutes perched in my office chair writing this blog, I’m going to go get some steps in and let other SSGers talk about their wellness plan experience and how they stay fit.

“I’m impressed with the number of times I see one or more SSGers taking the stairs or walking across the parking lot to go touch a pole a mile away from here!!!”
-Steve S.

“Even though I thought it wouldn’t, Fitbit has affected my exercise regimen and behavior; I still run on average three times per week, but in the last six weeks I have added distance to my runs. Tacking on 10-15 more minutes is pretty easy. Mad props to Krish – I think he is uncatchable!”
-Steve M.

“Thanks, SSG, for Fitbit! It was encouraging initially, but now I am addicted to walking. (I think it is a good thing.)”
-Krish H.

“The Fitbit Force has encouraged me to take the stairs up to the office every day. I’m not usually competitive but seeing other people’s numbers really gets me going to walk more.”
-Melanie O.

“It has really made me aware of how sedentary my days are (and some of my nights!) I’ve started reading and watching videos on my Kindle on the treadmill, and seeing everyone else being active definitely helps me get motivated!”
-Jennifer V.

“This lovely form of competitive pressure from colleagues has not only gotten me to purchase a Fitbit to join in on the fun, but has made my awareness of activity level force me to get off my butt more.”
-Dave B.

“Having the Fitbit makes me more conscious of when I’m being a couch potato and motivates me to do something active. Combined with the GetFit SSG community and seeing the status of others, I am much more inclined to take a walk during the day.”
-Michael W.

“After being in the office several weeks ago and seeing everyone walking, I now walk from the hotel to the office and back. I don’t even own a Fitbit…”
-Craig B.

Tell us about your company’s wellness program. How do you and your co-workers motivate each other?