Working at SSG: A Tech Intern’s View Behind the Curtain

Working at SSG: A Tech Intern's View Behind the Curtain

IT-internship-lessonsA college education just isn’t enough these days to put yourself at the top of a pile of resumes; however, experience is what sets students apart. Right now, I’m about to start my second year at the University of North Texas pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Science. While I’m certainly learning a lot at UNT, there’s just some things you can only learn in a real world business environment. This is why I was extremely grateful to get to spend my summer working as an intern at SSG.

My relationship with SSG started early this summer after I contacted them about finding a place or project to work on with them. I knew working with them would be a good fit because it matched up with both my major and the career I’m pursuing. I know I want to work as a programmer out of college, and so getting this internship at a software company was an amazing opportunity for me to grow my experience and become more well-rounded with different technologies from that field. I really just got thrown right into the mix. They set me up with a laptop and showed me to the project I would be working on and I got started right away.

This was my first time working with Apache products like Spring, Maven, and Git. All of which I can definitely see myself using in the future because of how useful they were from a young developer’s viewpoint. It took a bit of research and Googling to make myself familiar with all of them whenever I found something I didn’t understand. But it definitely wasn’t something that was too difficult or outside of my capabilities. If I did get stuck on a problem my boss, Jerry Lacy, and my coworkers were very helpful. I suppose I always had this preconception that employees were on their own when it came to working on their code, but to my surprise, if you needed help with something it was no problem to ask a coworker or your boss for help. The office environment was pretty laid back and inviting but still very encouraging of hard work which was really appealing.

It came as a bit of a surprise, but in addition to getting the opportunity to work on a software project with SSG, I also got to participate in a software consulting job with my boss Jerry. That was a really fun experience. It was fascinating to see how a relationship between two entities can form in the very beginning from both the developer’s and the customer’s perspective. I had never had the first-hand opportunity to see how a software solutions business could come in and diagnose problems, then come up with a solution based off of what was observed.

Overall I would definitely say working as an intern with SSG this summer was a really well-rounded experience. I got to learn about new software technologies and their applications, the productive working environment of an office, working with deadlines, and communications in a business environment. I’m glad I got this opportunity and hope I get to do something similar again next year!

Interested in working at SSG?

Here’s what you need to know to get your foot in the door.

1. Ambition is key.

If I walked away knowing one thing from my time at SSG, it’s that asking questions, contributing ideas and trying new solutions will get you 1000x further in your personal growth than simply checking items off a task list. Be proactive and lean on the experienced and expert staff at SSG. They really do want to help, and I never once felt like reaching out to coworkers was considered a burden or inconvenience for them.

2. Set personal goals.

If you want to learn more about the development lifecycle, client communications or maybe the business side of Sales, make that known from day one. SSG is an established company that has been in business for decades, so the knowledge is there, and the company is just small enough to give you access to all elements of the organization.

3. Show your personality.

The people at SSG are serious (and really good!) at what they do, but they’re also a surprisingly diverse and fun team. From the minute you submit your resume and cover letter, show your own unique personality. Trust me, it will be appreciated.

Good luck!


Jacob Hanson worked as a tech intern at SSG during the summer of 2016 from June to August. He is as an undergraduate student at the University of North Texas studying for a degree in Computer Science. His hobbies include bicycling, Ultimate Frisbee, and riding his motorcycle.