3 Reasons to Consider SSG’s BRM Training

3 Reasons to Consider SSG's BRM Training

Lauren SilverYour company has made huge investments in Oracle BRM… isn’t it time for everyone to know what it is and how it works?

Download our white paper to learn about SSG University’s BRM training offerings for executives, business analysts and technical resources. We’ve taken our 16 years of Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (Oracle BRM) consulting expertise and put together an in-depth BRM training curriculum. Participants can expect to gain an understanding of the out-of-the-box BRM capabilities, as well as learn how to customize the software in order to fulfill unique business needs.

Here are three reasons to consider SSG BRM training:

1. Knowledge Retention

Our BRM training is both informative and practical. Let’s face it: an all-encompassing, generic workshop that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared isn’t always the answer. Our senior developers decided to create the classes that they wished were available to them years ago. Rather than having trainees experience information overload, SSG’s sessions are designed with a progressive training environment in mind. Each lesson covers a key BRM topic so you can build knowledge throughout the course. In addition, each lesson is personally taught and provides hands-on exercises and Q&A sessions for your convenience.

2. Flexible Training Environments

You have the ability to completely customize your training content based on your business objectives. In addition, you decide how and when you want your training delivered according to your schedule. Choose a week-long boot camp in a classroom setting at your facilities or the SSG office. Or maybe opt for weekly online sessions via webinar, which eliminates travel requirements and time constraints, and gives you recordings for future choose. Whatever your needs may be, SSG can provide the flexibility to ensure you reap the benefits from your training.

3. Virtual Data Machine

The Virtual Machine (VM) is our preferred method of training. Trainees have the option of running a pre-installed VM on their work computers to complete course lessons, homework and application exercises. The best part is that our VM becomes your VM. Trainees can keep it on their computers for as long as they want for research and development purposes after they complete the course. One of the top issues with any kind of training is the difficulty, or oftentimes, impossibility of referring back to the materials or training environment. The VM, along with the ability to record our lessons for future use gives companies lasting value from their training investments.

For more information and a course listing of SSG’s BRM training, download our white paper, or contact us at