Highlights from Informatica World 2015

Highlights from Informatica World 2015

management_JohnLast week I had the opportunity to attend Informatica World 2015. This was my 6th Informatica World and my first as part of the SSG team. The event was fantastic with the highest attendance levels I have ever seen at an Informatica World conference; it was sold out before the event started. We actually had to share SSG partner passes with customers and Informatica employees so they could attend the conference. You could honestly say we outgrew The Cosmopolitan and I look forward to being at the Moscone next year in San Francisco for Informatica World 2016.

This year’s conference had phenomenal content with real-world sessions. Actual Informatica customers explained different ways they have deployed parts of the Informatica Platform to solve their business challenges. One of the things that stood out to me is IOT or Internet of Things. I have to admit in the past I always thought this was farther off in the future, maybe a 2020 thing, if you will. After meeting last week with a partner company that has IOT software ready to deploy, I realized that IOT is here and it’s time for us to embrace it. As we advance into IOT, data volumes will explode. It is up to us as Data Management professionals to embrace it and guide our clients/colleagues/partners in the best way to harness this data and extract value from it.

Total customer relationship is another area that is exploding in our data management lives today. Many companies have or are deploying MDM (Master Data Management) or PIM (Product Information Management) software to solve their data mastering challenges. We heard from lots of companies using this software to solve diverse problems from Well Head Mastering to managing Omni channel product information. You name it, Informatica software had a hand in it as part of the solution.

One conference undertone: it was clear with Informatica going private, they are focused on moving their platform to the cloud. What that means, I’m not sure just yet, but I look forward to being part of the journey.

As I flew home Thursday night I had many thoughts. It was great to see all of the clients and past coworkers that I’ve broken bread with over the years. It truly is a small world and I’m glad to be part of the Informatica community. Most importantly, I’m humbled to be part of the SSG team and stay part of the Informatica community in a new role. I look forward to being a trusted Data Management partner for Informatica, the Informatica customer base and other partners in this ecosystem.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year at Informatica World 2016, if not sooner!

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